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Reversible, ergonomic, lightweight, compact and easy to close. Technological materials and fashionable fabrics.

Peg Perego: all-Italian quality

Latest generation strollers, ergonomic designs, technological materials, fashionable fabrics, carefully crafted details, practical accessories - these are the main features of the Peg Perego strollers that have been taking care of children across the globe for over 60 years.

The stroller accompanies your child at an important stage of growth.

His curiosity is stimulated during outings , and his desire to interact with and discover the world needs to be encouraged and facilitated. Every day, Peg Perego designers harness their passion and all-Italian creativity to produce quality products and guarantee maximum safety, extreme agility and ease of handling (even in the most difficult situations). Peg Perego know what moms need: folding and transport ease, compact size, lightness and great comfort; all of which features are found in Peg Perego's strollers, encouraging fun walks and tender moments.

The importance of a quality stroller.

Peg Perego offers a wide range of strollers to meet your every need. Discover all our solutions for long outdoors walks, tackling extreme terrain, dodging city obstacles, slipping in and out of elevators and buses with ease... With Peg Perego strollers, the sky's the limit. Take Peg Perego's word for it.

Details that make all the difference.

Peg Perego quality is there for everybody to see: reversible seats, centralized opening and folding, wheel locking controls, adjustable height handles and wheels of the ideal diameter, for lightweight strollers that may be defined as real champions of travel and city outings. Nothing could be easier to open, fold and handle than a Peg Perego stroller.